I Had Diploma And Degree In Civil Engineering Can I Apply For INET Without 12th

There are several ways to join the Indian Navy as a post-operator if you are over the age of 12 and appear for it or if you have a Bachelor's degree and are in the final semester of your studies. Show Sources

Candidates must ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria set by the Indian Navy before applying for the INET examinations. 

The authorities have prescribed criteria for accreditation for the Indian Navy and BTech, and candidates must go through these criteria before completing the application form.

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INET Notification 2021
INET Exam Educational Qualification
INET Eligibility For Female
INET Exam Eligibility For Female
INET 2 2021 Exam Notification
INET Age Limit 2021
INET Syllabus

Candidates applying to join the Navy or BTech in 2019 should carefully consider eligibility criteria as ineligible candidates will be excluded from the selection process. Show Sources

Applicants will be shortlisted based on the JEE Main 2019 India Rankings for the Service Selection Board (SSB). 

Candidates shortlisted must appear for the SSB interview in Bangalore and Bhopal, followed by a medical examination.

I Had Diploma And Degree In Civil Engineering Can I Apply For INET Without 12th

Candidates recommended by SSB will attend a course for sublieutenants that is followed by an orientation course for the navy at the Naval Academy (NAVAC) in Goa, followed by vocational training in various naval training institutions, units, and ships. Show Sources

Under the Technical Entry Scheme, candidates are selected on the basis of the 10 / 2 PCM grade and subjected to an SSB interview. 

The selection for entry to the Standing Commission (10 / 2 Tech Cadet Entry, NCC, Special Entry and Graduate) is conducted by UPSC through a written examination, 

followed by an interview with the Service Selection Board (SSB ). After the interview, the candidate will be assigned to the engineering degree course BTech for four years at the University of Science and Technology.

(Naval Architecture) at the INS Shivaji Cochin and will serve as an Engineer Officer (PC) in the Indian Navy. Show Sources

Candidates are selected on the basis of their cut-off brand in the JEE Main Ranking. If a candidate does not turn up for the written examination, 

he/she will be summoned to the SSB interview on the basis of the grade achieved (12th grade) and the final grade. Show Sources

Let us discuss in detail the entry into the Indian army as an engineer and the career of the Indian army engineer and try to provide you with complete knowledge of entry, 

including the age limit required for entry, the type of selection, medical standards, and physical standards required for entry. 

A candidate must have a BTech degree in any subject (physics or mathematics) from year 12 onwards. Applicants must have at least 60 points in BTech (mechanics, civil, aerospace, metallurgy, or ship architecture). Show Sources

Candidates must be between 19 1 / 2 and 25 years old and have the following educational qualifications. 

The degree must be completed in all disciplines (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and engineering). 

The postgraduate degree must be recognized by a university in humanities, economics, history, or political science. Show Sources

Candidates who have passed the 12th grade (NSQF level 4) and the 10 + 2 vocational training are eligible for compatibility with these courses. 

Candidates who have passed 10-2 arts and commerce courses may be considered for diplomas in business administration, 

Industrial and human resources management, hotel management, finance, auditing, library and information science, office management, and computer applications. 

Candidates who have passed the 10 + 2 medicine are entitled to obtain a diploma in medical laboratory technology. Show Sources

Candidates can apply for physics, chemistry, and mathematics at level 10 / 2. Candidates must have a Master's degree in chemistry, have studied physics at least at the secondary level of the study standard, have a Master's degree in English, and have studied both physics and mathematics at the intermediate or equivalent standard. Show Sources

Candidates should have studied physics and mathematics by the time they graduate. Engineering studies in mechanical or electrical engineering, computer science, or engineering. Master's degree in Computer Application or Computer Science. Show Sources

Candidates should apply for an apprenticeship by achieving at least 60 points in Class X and Class XII and at least 60 points in English Class XII. 

BTech or AICTE from a recognized institute or university should have at least 60 points for mechanical engineering. Show Sources

Each state and school district has a set of secondary school diplomas after 12th grade, and the most common name for a high school diploma is the high school diploma. The diploma includes a variety of awards for different curricula and standards. Show Sources

The age for compulsory education in the United States varies from state to state, but the most common age is 5-7 years (6). 

School education does not end at the age of 18 but those who leave school before the end of compulsory schooling can acquire a lower or lower secondary school leaving certificate after the end of their 12th year of school but do not receive a recognition certificate and are considered early school leavers. 

The age at which compulsory education ends varies, but 16-18 years are more common than 16 years. Show Sources

Applicants should note that only the date of birth and matriculation certificate (secondary school examination or equivalent certificate) are accepted.

Candidates applying for accession must have qualification criteria and an age limit necessary for accession. A candidate must be at least 165 years old and not older than 195 years. Show Sources

In Level 2 of the Indian Navy BTech Entry Scheme (SSB Interview) candidates undergo psychological tests, group tests, and interviews lasting four days. 

If a candidate is selected for the SSB interview, he must undergo a medical test. After the medical test, the candidate is selected for training at the Indian Naval Academy in Kerala. Show Sources

Candidates recommended for the SSB must undergo a medical examination by the Special Medical Committee and the Medical Service. Candidates recommended by the SSB must also undergo medical checks. Show Sources

A candidate who is declared fit by the Medical Association is accepted into the Academy. The President of the Medical Association informs the candidate that if he/she is declared unfit, his / her result of the procedure will be appealed to the Medical Association AMB, 

which will be concluded in the Commander's Hospital (equivalent to 42 days) of the Special Medical Association. Show Sources

The DGAFMS will indicate the date and place (New Delhi and Pune) where the candidate for the RMB will appear. 

Candidate should submit RMB application at his request to the DMPR (Integrated Headquarters of the Ministry of Defence and Marine) in Sena Bhawan, Rajaji Marg, New Delhi 110011 and copy it to the President of AMB.

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